Air Force Wooden Plaque

Air Force Plaques going away gift

We are excited to announce the re-launch of our ebony stained pine signs. These were really popular for several years but our previous use of black spray paint presented some problems during production so we had to take them offline for a while. We recently discovered the ebony wood stain, which proved a much better product in both looks and efficiency during R&D.

Any sign we make in the regular Dark Walnut or Special Walnut Stain, we can also make in the Ebony stain. Contact us for more info!

Every time we get an order for a new battalion/unit/regiment or other groups with unique emblems and logos, we are excited for the challenge.

We love being a part of honoring soldiers and other military personnel with retirements, Veteran’s Day gifts, rank promotion plaques, etc.

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About the sign: 
Size: 23×7 
Stain: Ebony
Wood: Pine
Text: Carved into the wood to show natural, blonde pine color 
Artwork: Any US Military branch carved into the wood


CLICK HERE to order your own custom US Military Plaque!

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